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Who doesn't care about keeping burglars away? The great thing with the tips below is that they don't only offer some very clever security solutions and ideas, but they also help you understand what you might be doing wrong. Enjoy them!

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  • Test door locks on a regular basis

    The test involves turning the key inside the lock very slowly. The difficult part is that you have to closely evaluate the behavior of the lock. You should try to assess how great the resistance is when you turn the key. If the lock is sticky or there is no resistance whatsoever, there may be a problem with the cylinder or the locking mechanism respectively.

  • Keeping Keys Outdoors in a Lock Box

    If you have a tendency to lose keys, you need to keep duplicates in a safe place. It will also help save steps when you are working outside and need to access the garage to get lawn equipment and other items. Lock boxes available in the market are usually powered with a combination lock to enforce security.

  • Defrosting Car Locks Properly

    If you are keying your car door lock and it is moving but not giving in, the problem most likely is the lock got frozen. Use anything that could heat up either the key or the lock itself. Try a lighter, hair dryer or a de-icer. It is a small, battery-operated tool that can be keyed in to your locking system to thaw the ice.

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