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What did you do when the house key broke in the lock last time? Didn't you wish you knew what to do? Well, what follows are the questions you are looking for. If you are seeking for answers to frequently asked questions about key problems, lock trouble and security issues as an overall, the following ones will help you

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  • If everything must be locked, how do we air the house?

    The truth is that one of the wisest security precautions is to keep all door locks and windows locked at all times. Of course, this doesn't mean that you will be imprisoned in your own house. If you want to sit in the porch, keep the sliding doors open. If wishing to air the bedroom or kitchen, try keeping the doors or windows open. Though, you must close them before leaving the room.

  • What does rekeying include?

    Lock rekey is actually the replacement of the door lock's pins in order to match with a new key and not the original one of the specific door. As our experts explain, the whole thing happens so that you can open and lock the door with a different key and avoid having other people, who might have your original keys, opening the door.

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